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Collagen - a protein of life...


Collagen which is also known as a protein of youth exists naturally in our bodies and accounts for 30% of all of our proteins. It is a building block not only of skin but also nails, hair, bones, tendons, joints, ligaments as well as blood and lymphatic vessels.

Development of wrinkles and skin's loss of elasticity is caused, among others, by collagen's fibers degradation in our body, especially after the age of 25 when the collagen's production in deep skin slows down.

Supplementing collagen positively improves our health as well as skin's condition and looks.

Collagen peptides bring constant benefits that stimulate natural functions of our bodies. Multiple publications confirm, that bioactive properties supported by collagen peptides are linked to supplementing substance dissolved in water. After consuming such cocktail the absorption to connecting tissue through bowel walls is very swift thanks to low mollecular weight of the fish peptide (2000-5000 kDa).


Mezopharma Nutri COLLAGEN is an exclusive product to be consumed in a shape of cocktails. Product is 100% a fish peptide, acquired from tilapia (a selective breed of freshwater fish), void of any conservants and completely safe for organism. Effectively rebuilds collagen fibers.




• Strengthens skin, hair and nails
• Shallows wrinkles, delays ageing of skin
• Moisturizes and tightens skin from the inside, reduces cellulite
• Counters hair loss
• Strengthes and improves lash growth
• Reduces signs of skin's tiredness
• Natural protective barrier for skin
• Eases joint pain
• Regenerates joint cartilage
• Improves regenerative processes of rebuilding of bone connective tissues




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