Who we are?


MezoPharma is a manufacturer of high-quality cosmetology devices.

Lumiderm Carboxytherapy - a carboxytherapy device using medical carbon dioxide ensuring highest possible quality of procedures.
Lumiderm Plasma - a device using regenerative qualities of plasma - excellent in removing wrinkles in eye and belly-button area as well as many other.
Lumiderm RF - a device using healing and rejuvenating properties of endogenous heat created with radio waves. Excellent for fighting cellulite and wrinkles.

MezoPharma is a manufacturer of high quality cosmetics used in aesthetic cosmetology.

Mezopharma Hyal - innovative line of advanced mesotherapy cocktails. Each product is an advanced meso-cocktail rich in biomimetic peptides, hyaluronic acid, aminoacids and vitamines.
Mezopharma Peel - carefully selected polish dermatology line which offers specialistic and individually chosen therapies eliminating different skin problems.

MezoPharma can outsource every beforementioned cosmetic with affordable prices and swift cooperation.

Contract manufacturing - we are capable of meeting all your requirements about outsourcing our cosmetics under your brand and we encourage you to check our portfolio.


Devices fully designed and produced in Poland.


Professional service - excellent employees.  


Two year warranty and door-to-door servicing.

Who we are

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MezoPharma is a manufacturer of high-quality devices and cosmetics used in cosmetology.

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